R-2024.05.22 - 88passedAcknowledgment and Acceptance of Donation by Northeast Color for Work and SuppliesRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 87passedB22027 Architectural Evaluation of Renovations and Repairs of the Dover Public Library AmendmentsRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 86passedB24034 Professional Municipal Auditing ServicesRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 85passedB24057 Sewer Department Supplies As NeededRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 84passedB24056 Water Department Supplies As NeededRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 83passedB24055 Precast Concrete StructuresRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 82passedB24052 2024-2025 Various ChemicalsRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 81passedB21051 Traffic Control/Flagging ServicesRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 80passedAcceptance of Permanent Easement Area from Tammany Park, LLC (Owner of Tax Map 31, Lot 4A)Robert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.22 - 79passedApproval of Director of Human Resources of the City of Dover Employment AgreementRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.08 - 75passedFY2024 Dissolution of Prior Years Capital Project Funds into the General FundRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.08 - 76passedFY2024 General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance Transfers to Certain Special Revenue and Capital Project Funds to Address Fund DeficitsRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.08 - 77passedAuthorizing Acceptance of Donated Funds from Dover400 and Expenditure of SameRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.08 - 78passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the US Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block GrantRobert Carrier2024.05.22
R-2024.05.08 - 79passedB23078 Additional SOW for Design Build for Inspection Services BuildingRobert Carrier2024.05.08
R-2024.05.08 - 73passedRenaming the Recreation Department's Annually Funded "Hardship Subsidy Program" to the "Gary Bannon Recreational Hardship Subsidy Program"Robert Carrier, Dennis Shanahan, Lindsey Williams2024.05.08
R-2024.05.08 - 74passedFY2024 Transfer of Appropriation - General Fund City DepartmentsRobert Carrier2024.05.08
R-2024.05.08 - 72passedPurchase of Accu Tab Chlorination System for French Cross Water Treatment PlantRobert Carrier2024.05.08
R-2024.05.08 - 71passedAuthorizing Acceptance of Obstruction Permit from New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) for Great Bay Rowing?s Use and Storage of Rowing Equipment at Hilton ParkRobert Carrier2024.05.08
R-2024.04.24 - 67passedAuthorizing Waterfront Phase I Public Improvements Completion AgreementRobert Carrier2024.04.24
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