R2018.11.14-150passedAuthorization to Terminate and Resolve Dover Children’s Center Lease and Debt Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2021.05.12-074Acceptance of Substantial Amendments to the FFY15-19 Consolidated Plan and FFY19 Action Plan for CARES Funds.Dennis Ciotti
R-2021.05.12-073Approval of Proposed Amendments to City Charter and Authorization to Submit Final Report to the New Hampshire Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Commissioner of the Department of Revenue AdministrationDennis Shanahan, Lindsey William, Fergus Cullen
R-2021.05.12-072passedB21062 Hot Bituminous Paving (Asphalt) Laid in Place, Additional Scope of Work #1Robert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.05.12-071passedFormation of Ad Hoc Committee for Graffiti ManagementRobert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.05.12-070withdrawnPromulgation of a Land Acknowledgment for DoverRobert Carrier
R-2021.05.12-069passedAuthorization for Paving at Broadway and Reds Shoe BarnRobert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.05.12-068passedPurchase of Voyage Mark II Scale Model Solar SystemRobert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.05.12-067passedOperation and Maintenance of the Closed City of Dover Landfill Superfund Site Lift StationRobert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.05.12-066passedB21081 2022 Ford F550 4X4 TruckRobert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.05.12-065passedB19085 Varney Brook Pump Station Upgrades with T. Buck Construction, Inc. Additional Scope of WorkRobert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.05.12-064passedB19001 Broadway Street Railroad Culvert Construction Additional Scope of Work #6 & #7Robert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.04.28-063passedB21002 Construction of Catch Basin and Wet Well Cleanings Treatment Facility, Additional Scope of Work #1Robert Carrier2021.04.28
R-2021.04.28-062passedFY2022 CIP Appropriation of School Facilities Capital Reserve Funds for Voyage Mark II Scale Model Solar SystemRobert Carrier2021.05.12
R-2021.04.28-061passedDissolution of Antonia Kretsepes Memorial Scholarship FundRobert Carrier2021.04.28
R-2021.04.28-060passedCitywide 2021-2022 Groundwater Monitoring Program with Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLCRobert Carrier2021.04.28
R-2021.04.28-059passedB21053 Public Library Roof ConsultantRobert Carrier2021.04.28
R-2021.04.28-058passedB13052 Emulsion Polymer Extension with Solenis LLCRobert Carrier2021.04.28
R-2021.04.14-057passedCouncil Response to School Board?s Fiscal Year 2022 Proposed Budget and Request for Submission of Proposed Budget Adjustments to Achieve Tax Cap ComplianceRobert Carrier2021.04.14
R-2021.04.14-056Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Appropriations, Fees and Capital Improvements ProgramRobert Carrier
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