R-2022.08.10-175passed2022 City Manager EvaluationRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-174Approval and Authorization for Amended Terms of Development Agreement Between City of Dover, Terra Nova, LLC and Westfield, LLCRobert Carrier
R-2022.08.10-173passedApproval of Tri-City Agreement for Operation of Emergency Warming Center During 2022-2023 Winter MonthsRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-172passedRelease of Restrictive Covenant - 16 Prospect StreetRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-171passedApproval of Purchase and Sale Agreement between the City, the Dover Business and Industrial Development Authority, and Mezzanine Catering, LLCRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-170passedB23001 Purchase of Fire, EMS, and Police Public Safety Equipment - MA Bid PSERobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-169passedB22087 Award of Bid for Medical SuppliesRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-168passedB22081 Award of Bid Professional Consulting Services for Community Wide Visioning Process and Update Master PlanRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-167passedB22080 Award of Bid for Winter Cutting EdgesRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.08.10-166passedB18003 Enterprise Backup Solution License Renewal and Hardware UpgradeRobert Carrier2022.08.10
R-2022.07.27-165passedCondemning Racial and Religious Supremacist ActivitiesRobert Hinkel2022.07.27
R-2022.07.27-164passedB23004 Purchase of Direct Replacement Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment from Trojan TechnologiesRobert Carrier2022.07.27
R-2022.07.27-163passedB23003 Purchase of Two Ambulances from Roland B. Morin DBA Sugarloaf Ambulance-Rescue VehiclesRobert Carrier2022.07.27
R-2022.07.27-162passedApproval of Lot Line Restoration for 2 Hilton Road (Tax Map L, Lot 59)Robert Carrier2022.07.27
R-2022.07.27-161passedApproval of the Operational Rules for the Ad Hoc Committee for Graffiti ManagementRobert Carrier2022.07.27
R-2022.07.27-160passedB22083 Award of Bid to New England Vehicle Outfitters for Public Safety Vehicle Equipment Removal and InstallationRobert Carrier2022.07.27
R-2022.07.13-159passedAuthorization Requesting the State to Install a Historical Marker to Recognize the Story of the Conflict Between Indigenous Peoples and Major WaldronLindsey Williams and Linnea Nemeth2022.07.13
R-2022.07.13-158passedB22074 Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) Biosolids Disposal Services Amendment of AwardRobert Carrier
R-2022.07.13-157passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the New Hampshire Department of Transportation -Office of Highway Safety Equipment GrantRobert Carrier2022.07.27
R-2022.07.13-156passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Division for Behavioral Health on behalf of the Governor's Commission on Alcohol and other Drugs GrantRobert Carrier2022.07.27
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