R2018.11.14-150passedAuthorization to Terminate and Resolve Dover Children’s Center Lease and Debt Karen Weston2018.11.14
R=2021.08.25-148passedB22002 Dover Ice Arena Sprinkler System RenovationRobert Carrier2021.08.25
R-2021.09.08-155passedGeneral Fund FY2022 Budget Amendment ? Appropriation of Additional State Aid to School DepartmentRobert Carrier2021.09.22
R-2021.09.08-154passedApproval of 61 Locust St., Suite 128 and 129, Dover, NH Lease Extension/RenewalRobert Carrier2021.09.08
R-2021.08.25-153passedOrdering Amendments to the City's Charter to Appear on the Ballot for the Municipal Election on November 2, 2021Dennis Shanahan2021.08.25
R-2021.08.25-152tabledOrdering the Question of Forming a Charter Commission to Appear on the Ballot for the November 2, 2021 Municipal ElectionDennis Shanahan
R-2021.08.25-151passedB11001 Wright-Pierce Additional Scope of Work #9, Upgrades to River Street Pump StationRobert Carrier2021.08.25
R-2021.08.25-150passedApproval of Tri-City Agreement with Community Action Partnership for Warming Center StaffinRobert Carrier2021.08.25
R-2021.08.25-149passedSetting Voting Hours for the November 2, 2021 Dover Municipal ElectionRobert Carrier2021.08.25
R-2021.08.25-147passedAward of Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement to Southworth-Milton, Inc. for Caterpillar GeneratorsRobert Carrier2021.08.25
R-2021.08.11-146passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the Assistance to Firefighters GrantRobert Carrier2021.08.25
R-2021.08.11-145passedB20026 Design and Build Custom In-Cast Concrete SkateparkRobert Carrier2021.08.11
R-2021.08.11-144passedApproval of Lease Agreement at Dover Ice Arena with Collins Sports Center, Inc.Robert Carrier2021.08.11
R-2021.08.11-143passedUpdate to the City of Dover Welfare GuidelinesRobert Carrier2021.08.11
R-2021.08.11-142passedAmendment to Merit Plan, Classification Plan, and Pay PlanRobert Carrier2021.08.11
R-2021.08.11-141passedAuthorization to Utilize JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. for Evaluation Services for Dover Youth to YouthRobert Carrier2021.08.11
R-2021.08.11-140passedB21050 Columbaria at Pine Hill CemeteryRobert Carrier2021.08.11
R-2021.07.28-139passedRepeal and Replace the Ad Hoc Committee for Graffiti Management.Dennis Ciotti2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-138passedApproval of Lease Amendment for Reach for the Top Therapy ServicesRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-137passedApproval of Lease Agreement with Community Solutions, Inc.Robert Carrier2021.07.28
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