R2018.11.14-150passedAuthorization to Terminate and Resolve Dover Children’s Center Lease and Debt Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2021.02.24-027passedCity Council Opposition to Current Draft of House Bill 315 - Relative to the Aggregation of Electric CustomersDeborah Thibodeaux2021.02.24
R-2021.02.24-026passedExtension of R-2020.05.13- 072 and City Manager's Authority to Waive Fees Due to Hardship or COVID-19Robert Carrier2021.02.24
R-2021.02.24-025passedAcceptance and Authorization of the Following Instruments in Relation to Pointe Place: i. Sewer Easements Transferred to the City of Dover, and ii. Issuance of Sign and Maintenance License by the City of DoverRobert Carrier2021.02.24
R-2021.02.24-024passedApproval and Authorization to Execute Limited Access Right of Way Agreement with State of New Hampshire, Department of TransportationRobert Carrier2021.02.24
R-2021.02.10.-018passedApproval of Lot Line Restoration ? 11 Fairview Avenue (Tax Map 25, Lot 19)Robert Carrier2021.02.10
R-2021.02.10-023passedReview and Approval of RSA 79-E Application of Chinburg Management, LLCRobert Carrier2021.02.24
R-2021.02.10-022passedCalling Upon Redistricting Authorities for Nonpartisan and Fair Decennial RedistrictingRobert Carrier2021.02.10
R-2021.02.10-021passedApproval to Submit a Notice of Intent to Obtain Coverage Under the Great Bay Total Nitrogen PermitRobert Carrier2021.02.10
R-2021.02.10-020passedApproval to Enter an Intermunicipal Agreement to Participate in the Adaptive Management Framework under the Great Bay General Permit.Robert Carrier2021.02.10
R-2021.02.10-019passedB14074 Central Avenue Urban Core (Phase I) Water Transmission Project, Additional Scope of Work No. 16, Underwood Engineers, Inc.Robert Carrier2021.02.10
R-2021.02.10-017passedB19019 Traffic Signal Repairs and Maintenance ? Purchase of Traffic Light Cabinet at South End Fire StationRobert Carrier2021.02.10
R-2021.01.27-016passedB14074 Phase II - Professional Engineering Services for Water Systems Facility Upgrades Additional Scope of Work #15, Underwood EngineersRobert Carrier2021.01.27
R-2021.01.13-015passedAcceptance and Authorization of Development Agreement Between the City of Dover and Chinburg Management, LLCRobert Carrier2021.01.27
R-2021.01.13-014passedExpanding the Provisions of RSA 79-E Relative to the Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive ProgramRobert Carrier2021.01.27
R-2021.01.13-013passedAppropriation For FY2022 Water Meter Replacements Program ? Non-Debt Financed ProjectRobert Carrier2021.01.27
R-2021.01.13-012failedDecennial Consideration of Charter Commission Pursuant to Charter Section C11-11Robert Carrier2021.01.13
R-2021.01.13-011passedDissolution of the Ad Hoc Dover 400th Anniversary Committee and Authorization to Grant Appropriated Funds to the Independent Non-Profit Dover400Robert Carrier2021.01.13
R-2021.01.13-010passedApproval of Committee for Racial Equity and Inclusion Amendments to Operating RulesRobert Carrier2021.01.13
R-2021.01.13-009passedApproval for Lot Line Restoration on 88 Old Rochester Road (Tax Map A13, Lot L)Robert Carrier2021.01.13
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