R2022.10.12.206passedB22056 Hot Bituminous Paving (Asphalt) Laid in Place Amendment OneRobert Carrier2022.10.12
R-2022.11.09-223passedAuthorization for Issuance of Tax Anticipation Note for Fiscal Year 2022Robert Carrier2022.11.30
R-2022.11.09-222passedB21016 Snow Plowing/Hauling Services Amendment to Extend Third and Final YearRobert Carrier2022.11.09
R-2022.10.26-221passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend STOP Act Grant funded by US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)Robert Carrier2022.11.09
R-2022.10.26-220passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend Partnership for Success Grant funded by US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)Robert Carrier2022.11.09
R-2022.10.26-219passedAcceptance of COPS Grant for City of Dover Police DepartmentRobert Carrier2022.11.09
R-2022.10.26-218passedApproval of Purchase and Sale Agreement between the City of Dover, Dover Business and Industrial Development Authority and APW Properties, LLCRobert Carrier2022.10.26
R-2022.10.26-217passedState of NH Contract for Cisco Security Hardware and/or Professional ServicesRobert Carrier2022.10.26
R-2022.10.26-216passedB20031 Fire Inspection Services Amendment to Extend Third and Final Year with Minuteman Security Technologies / Norris FireRobert Carrier2022.10.26
R-2022.10.26-215passedApproval of Update to the City of Dover Welfare GuidelinesRobert Carrier2022.10.26
R-2022.10.12.211passedEndorse NHMA 2023-2024 Legislative Policy PositionsDennis Shanahan2022.10.12
R-2022.10.12-214passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the New Hampshire Department of Education SAFE Grant Award for Dover School DistrictRobert Carrier2022.10.26
R-2022.10.12-213passedApproval of License Agreement for Pilot Public Syringe Disposal ProgramRobert Carrier2022.10.26
R-2022.10.12-212passedAdopting City of Dover Policy Governing Flag DisplayRobert Carrier, Dennis Shanahan, and Linnea Nemeth2022.10.12
R-2022.10.12-210passedB22067 Dover City Hall Clock Tower Restoration Amendment OneRobert Carrier2022.10.12
R-2022.10.12-209passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate on Lake Street (Former Map/Lot 39-46) Acquired by Deed dated June 10, 1953Robert Carrier2022.10.12
R-2022.10.12-208passedApproval of Acceptance of Donation by Northeast Color for Work and Supplies for Improving the Community Trail and Henry Law ParkRobert Carrier2022.10.12
R-2022.10.12-207passedState of NH Contract for Cisco Security Hardware and Professional ServicesRobert Carrier2022.10.12
R-2022.10.12-205passedB21013 Segregation and Recycling of Construction and Demolition Debris Amendment TwoRobert Carrier2022.10.12
R-2022.09.28-204passedAppropriation For FY2024 Capital Improvements Program and Authorization for BondingRobert Carrier2022.10.26
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