2022BidQ22-005Cisco Security Hardware and Professional ServicesInformation TechnologyR-2021.09.22
2022QuoteB22003Water Meters, FY2022Community ServicesR-2021.07.14
2021BidB21010Purchase of Cargo Mounted Vehicle Inspection SystemCommunity ServicesR-2021.06.23
2021BidB21043Body Worn and Vehicle Mounted CamerasPoliceR-2021.04.14
2021BidB21077Purchase of 2020 Global M3 High Performance Mechanical Street Sweeper Community ServicesR-2021.04.14
2021BidB21078Purchase of E-One Typhoon Urban Interface PumperFire and RescueR-2021.04.14
2021BidB21064Building Materials & Hardware and Plumbing & Fixture Repair Parts - State of NH Contracts with F.W. Webb CompanyVariousR-2021.03.10
2021BidB21063Miscellaneous Fasteners and MRO & Industrial Supplies - State of NH Contract with Fastenal CompanyVariousR-2021.03.10
2021BidB21059Building Materials & Hardware - State of NH Contract with Aubuchon HardwareVariousR-2021.03.10
2021BidB21042Holmatro Equipment - State of MA Contract with Industrial Protection Services, LLCFire and RescueR-2021.01.13
2021BidB21040Caterpillar Generator for the new Facilities, Grounds and Cemeteries Building-Sourcewell ContractCommunity ServicesR-2021.01.13
2021BidB21037Purchase of 2021 Model Year Vehicles - State of NH ContractCommunity ServicesR-2021.01.13
2019Gov DealsG19-001 thru G19-022Sale of City Surplus PropertyPurchasingLive on 2018.08.21
2022BidB22010Trees for Downtown DoverCommunity Services2022.09.16
2022BidB22013Construction of the Puding Hill Water Treatment FacilityCommunity Services2021.10.27
2022BidB22014Bellamy Ridge (Red Barn Drive) CompletionCommunity Services2021.10.07
2022BidB22012Plastic Recycling BinsCommunity Services2021.10.07
2022BidB22008Winter Sand-As NeededCommunity Services2021.10.06
2022BidB21048-RFP22-001Consulting Design Services for the Henry Law Avenue & River Street Reconstruction ProjectCommunity Services2021.10.06
2022BidB22006Consulting Engineering Services for the 2021 Pavement Condition Assessment ProjectCommunity Services2021.10.05
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