2021.04.28City Manager Report
2021.04.14City Manager Report
2021.03.24City Manager Report
2021.03.10City Manager Report
2021.02.24City Manager Report
2021.02.10City Manager Report
2021.01.27City Manager ReportReporting on October 2020, November 2020 & December 2020
2021.01.13City Manager Report
2020.12.23City Manager ReportNovember info reported on in 2021.01.27 Report.
2020.12.09City Manager Report
2020.11.25City Manager ReportOctober info reported on in 2021.01.27 Report.
2020.11.18City Manager ReportFirst report pushed out a week due to holiday.
2020.10.28City Manager Report
2020.10.14City Manager Report
2020.09.09City Manager Report 
2020.08.26City Manager Report 
2020.08.12City Manager Report 
2020.07.22City Manager Report 
2020.07.08City Manager Report 
2020.06.24City Manager ReportNo report produced.
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